Management Opportunities

The Mirror Lake Inn and our affiliate property the Whiteface Club & Resort are always interested in keeping in touch with quality management and supervisory candidates. We maintain a database of career professionals to contact as opportunities arise.


Job Openings

There are no management positions available at this time, however we are always looking for good people. Please see our employment opportunities page  for other employment opportunities.


Can you demonstrate the following abilities/qualities from references and past work experience: creative, honest, dependable, enthusiastic, flexible, hardworking, organized, motivational, team player, and calm temperament? Are you excellent at managing your time, communication, taking care of your staff and able to provide a consistently high quality product? You must be able to obtain consistent positive results. This is an entrepreneurial position with excellent professional growth and financial opportunity.

The Owners and Managers are a very entrepreneurial management team that manage this resort. Each manager is completely responsible for their department and is compensated based on their performance, their contribution to the team and the team’s overall performance. In the area of compensation this presents an excellent opportunity for the individual who can produce great results.