Letter from the President

We consider ourselves to be among the very finest establishments anywhere in the area. Our reputation bears that out, and it is of the utmost importance to us to maintain and improve that reputation. If you are employed here, you have:

  • A significant opportunity to affect that reputation.
  • A responsibility and obligation, as a condition of employment and continuing employment, to enhance, improve and foster that reputation.

In general your job involves at least 2 broad areas or concepts: technical or tangible and “of attitude” or intangible as explained below:

  • Technical or tangible: Your specific job duties such as waiting or bussing tables, mixing drinks, cleaning rooms, taking reservations, mowing lawns, making repairs, cooking food, dishwashing, etc.depending on what department you work in.
  • “Of attitude:” or intangible refers to how you feel about or relate to your job, the customer and the business or corporation. You should approach this area with enthusiasm and interest – you should be upbeat, happy, smiling, pleasant and eager to help and serve customers and the objectives of the corporation in any way. Everyone can have a bad day – but it can’t come to work or affect the customer. The customer is paying for an exceptional vacation “experience” – for example: not just good food, but rather a pleasant dining experience.

Our commitment is to give that exceptional experience-there are no excuses and no compromises.

It is not enough to just do the technical part of your job well – you must have the proper attitude also! Enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and making the customer feel important are basic to your employment.

Think of the situation as your being part of a team being committed to win and willing to do the necessary training and effort to win. Only the best win! It’s not easy but it’s fun.

If you are late to work, we can’t use you: absence and a poor attitude are in the same category.

I felt it would help both of us if we defined some of the philosophical guidelines or rules by which we do business. If you don’t like our philosophy, please don’t try for the job. You won’t be happy. You’ll only be wasting our and your time.

If the above sounds like the kind of challenge you can accept, and thoroughly enjoy, we look forward to meeting you.

We are here to win. If that’s exciting to you we look forward to meeting with you. If not, we wish you the best in your other endeavors.

Very Truly Yours,

E.H. Weibrecht, Jr.
General Manager/Owner