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Why Weekdays

Why Weekdays

LAKE PLACID – When it comes to winter getaways, this Why Weekdays piece might be the definitive blog post for those who’d rather ski, snowboard, ice skate and sled away from the crowds.

The concept is to catch travelers as they’re heading in the opposite direction – when the masses depart, you arrive and when they arrive, you depart. It’s the perfect scenario. Why Weekdays, in non-holiday periods, is no time to go with the weekend flow.

Granted, to capitalize on this, a winter enthusiast must be free of the school commitment. Those of us – when we had young kids – recall that vacations had to be scheduled when class was not in session.

Why Weekdays

Mid week skiing can almost be lonely. That’s not bad.

But how about those whose lives do not involve school kids? Singles, couples and seniors should take a look at the notion of Why Weekdays.

Here’s how it works and why:

Arrive Sunday afternoon and depart Friday morning. Talk about going against the grain. For instance, try driving south on the New York Thruway in the Catskills late on a Sunday afternoon. The weekend droves are all headed in the same direction. But if you were headed north at that time, you’d be traffic-free with the cruise control set for your destination and thankful you read the Why Weekdays blog.

Now for the biggest Why Weekdays:

  • Most places are a country club during the week. This is why Warren Miller did all of his shooting on weekends and holidays. The more suspects on the hill, the greater the chance of producing America’s Funniest Videos getting on and off lifts. The guy mastered this.
  • Crowds at ticketing and on the slopes are virtually non-existent; you might actually be able to sleep an extra half hour and not give up the good stash that awaits each morning on the mountain. Also, the slopes at some places still have good grip right to the closing bell on a Wednesday. And what about lunchtime? The base lodge cafeteria at 12:30 on a weekend can be rather busy, but not so much during the week. Slide in for a quick bite and you’re right back out on the slopes.
  • You might be able to walk into most restaurants in town without a dinner reservation, moving easily to your table without fear of Joey spilling his lite draught on you. More than one family tried to wing it on a Friday night with no res, only to get shut out, or they ate dinner at 9:30. And while we are a bit biased, of course, dining at one of the Inn’s three fabulous restaurants is always the best course of action 🙂
  • Hotel rates are more favorable during the week. In addition, unlike some properties on the weekend, there are no minimum stays from Sunday to Friday. Lodging properties are just happy to see you. And did you ever notice that check-ins go much smoother and takes less time on a Tuesday afternoon?
Why Weekdays

Not too many skaters mid-week on the oval

If you’re in the position of capitalizing on Why Weekdays, in non-holiday periods, we hope we made a strong enough case for you. If there are reasons we missed, please add them at the bottom of this blog post. You’ll help us make the case even stronger.

Our next blog will be devoted to the shortcuts at Whiteface Mountain, designed to access the trails quicker and easier. You won’t believe how easy it is to get onto your first lift of the day with just minimal effort. While patrons are dealing with parking, shuttles and figuring out the way-finding, you could have a few runs under your belt. Please make sure to return to our blog for that!

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