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Biking around Lake Placid

Biking around Lake Placid

LAKE PLACID – In our previous blog, we established hiking as, unquestionably, the most popular recreational activity for those visiting Lake Placid. But thanks to a cadre of groups, shops, municipalities and tourism entities, biking around Lake Placid and vicinity has definitely made noticeable inroads in recent years.

The reasons are the same: natural terrain (for mountain biking), scenery, easy access and rides for all levels of ability and interest. It’s also helped that nearby Wilmington has jumped in with both forks, establishing a bike festival weekend each June.

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Lake Placid family hikes

Lake Placid family hikes

LAKE PLACID – The three most popular activities in Lake Placid are hiking, hiking and hiking. OK now that we’re clear about that, there are various forms of this exhilarating exercise within a reasonable distance from our community. Just a few of them are: Lake Placid family hikes, world class athlete hikes, hiking with Fido and more.

Let’s begin with Lake Placid family hikes. These are meant to be relatively gentle, not lasting all day and will enable mom, dad and the kids to still have enough energy to walk to Main Street for an evening ice cream cone.


This is the low-hanging fruit of Lake Placid family hikes. From the Mirror Lake Inn, for instance, you can easily hike to this hike. The Inn and Cobble Mountain are in the village limits. Residents are known to scoot up Cobble on their lunch hours.

The distance is just over 1.5 miles round trip, hence the walk to the trail head (around the backside of Mirror Lake) isn’t a bad option if you seek a little extra, but it is certainly drivable. Once there, you have a choice between steeper and easier routes. The trip to the summit offers exceptional views of the High Peaks region.

Here’s our own Andrew Weibrecht, with his trusty sidekick Fye, as they take you on this popular hike.

Hiking Cobble Mountain in Lake Placid

Our own Andrew Weibrecht and his trusty sidekick Fye are about to take you on a hike up Cobble Mountain in Lake Placid ADK. The trailhead is a short drive from the MLI.

Posted by Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

For your GPS, the trail head is near Northwood School in Lake Placid.


Lake Placid family hikes

The view of Heart Lake from Mount Jo

Another choice for Lake Placid family hikes is Mount Jo, located in the Town of North Elba wherein lies Lake Placid. ADK.org says, “Mt. Jo is a great beginner hike for kids and adults with wonderful views from the summit.” It’s just 2.5 miles with a vertical ascent of 700 feet.

From Lake Placid, drive out of town on Route 73 beyond the ski jumps. Near the top of a long climb, the Adirondack Loj Road is on your right. Take it and drive the five miles to the parking lot. There is a $10 fee to leave your vehicle. The High Peaks Information Center will greet you upon arrival and give you even more info on Lake Placid family hikes.


Lake Placid family hikes

Henry’s Woods is quickly accessed by car.

And then we suggest Henry’s Woods, accessed via Old Military Road and Bear Cub Lane in Lake Placid, close to the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

I’ve spent numerous hikes in Henry’s Woods with my lab and have met many family hikers. It’s 100 acres that continues to expand. There are five distinct trails, ranging from short to steep to flat. It could be a mile in length; it could be two miles. You decide.

This is the beauty of Lake Placid family hikes. They can be as strenuous or as mild as your mood chooses. And rest assured, that when your mood swings again, in these parts, there will be a hike to match it.
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