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Olympic Sites Passport

Olympic Sites Passport

LAKE PLACID – When you visit Lake Placid, you’ll never wonder what to do in our area. One of those reasons is the Olympic Sites Passport. With this “document”, the choices are not only endless, but you might find out that you need more time. Also, make sure your electronic device is fully charged for the multitude of photos you’ll take. Let’s have a look at some of the options provided by the Olympic Sites Passport, an offering of the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA).

When considering what to do here, purchasing an Olympic Sites Passport is a must. At $35 per person, this is actually a steal. The passport enables you to enter every Olympic venue, and then some:

Care to take a gondola ride at the Whiteface Mountain Ski Center and drive to the top of the state’s fifth highest peak? The passport will get you there. Whiteface is just 10 miles from Lake Placid. The ski and snowboard area is only three miles from the start of the eight mile climb to the very summit.

How about a shorter trip to the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex? Hop on the chairlift and take it to the base of the ski jump towers, followed by the enclosed 26-story elevator ride to the top of the 12o meter jump. The top of the jump is also enclosed; the views of the surrounding Adirondacks are unparalleled.

Olympic Sites Passport

This is an original net and equipment used in the Miracle on Ice hockey game between the USA and USSR

Olympic education is another benefit to a passport purchase. It will provide entrance into Lake Placid’s Winter Olympic Museum, located inside the Olympic Center. This is where the village’s two Games, held here in 1932 and 1980, come to life. Also, when the Saturday Night Ice Shows begin in a few weeks at the same venue, the Olympic Sites Passport will provide entrance.

A visit to the Olympic Sports Complex, where the bobsled/luge/skeleton track is located, comes with the passport. Click on the passport link for complete information as well as added access and discounts.

Please note – New York State has generously provided over $160 million to ORDA for renovations and enhancements to all of its sites. That work will begin this summer. As a result, tours of the Olympic Jumping Complex and Olympic Sports Complex will not be offered.

In addition, the Olympic Sites Passport becomes a great coffee table item when you return home. Your friends will see it and the conversations will begin. Now that we’ve got your vacation started, please return to our blog in the coming weeks as we continue to build your Lake Placid/Adirondack vacation itinerary.

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