Our philosophy is to be the best, because only the best can win! It takes a little more effort, but the rewards are so much greater. We believe that the strength of our operation comes from the quality of our team. We are always looking for honest, hardworking, dependable and enthusiastic people. If you do not have enough hospitality experience, we are willing to train you.

We always look to our current team whenever promotional opportunities become available.

Performance evaluations are completed on an annual basis.



Below is a list of the benefits available to all employees who qualify.

The Inn sponsors a combination of two health insurance policies to insure you and your family against the costs that result from sickness or injury.

Health Insurance: Blue Shield of Northeastern New York, EPO or PPO

Dental Coverage: which also includes Life Insurance coverage of $10,000

Vision Coverage

Consult A Doctor

The following options are available: Single, Two Person and Family.

To qualify, you would need to be employed for three months and average 30 hours per week for Health Insurance and 20 hours per week for Dental, Vision, and Consult A Doctor.

US Life Insurance Coverage: All employees are eligible, after being employed for six months, for $15,000 Term Life Insurance coverage at no cost to the employee.

Pension Plan: The Mirror Lake Inn offers employees a match pension plan up to a 4% company participation. You must be employed for one year, work 1,000 hours per year and be at least 21 years of age.

Vacations: After completing one full year of continuous employment with a minimum of 1560 hours:

1 year → 1 week (average weekly hours)
3 years → 2 weeks (average weekly hours)
10 years → 3 weeks (average weekly hours)

We are protected by the Worker’s Compensation Act of New York if you suffer a work related injury or illness.

Short Term Disability: If you are disabled for more than seven days, because of a non-work related illness or injury.

Bereavement Leave