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Lake Placid lineup full of events

Lake Placid

There’s a lot to be said about a summer in Lake Placid, and that’s because there is a lot to do during the summer in Lake Placid.

There are some people who only associate the village with hosting two Olympic Winter Games, so when you begin to describe a typical summer here, many are surprised. First of all, it’s the perfect season with warm days and comfortable nights. Very seldom is an air conditioning system needed. That’s why athletes enjoy training and competing here.

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Mirror Lake Inn restaurant manager enhances knowledge while vacationing

Katie Welch of the Mirror Lake Inn learns about Tuscany's wine selections

Katie Welch was on a dual mission last month.

While vacationing in the Tuscany region of Italy, the Mirror Lake Inn’s restaurant manager was looking for some rest and relaxation after a busy winter overseeing the staffs of The View Restaurant and Taste Bistro. But she was also looking to enhance her knowledge of the finer grapes that are found in Tuscany’s vineyards.

Mirror Lake Inn learns about Tuscany's wine selections

Katie Welch of the Mirror Lake Inn learns about Tuscany’s wine selections

She said that knowledge was everywhere. “You didn’t have to go to a winery for a good wine,” Katie remarked.

Of the products she sampled, some are already found in the two dining establishments, and after this trip, a few more may find their way to Lake Placid’s only AAA Four Diamond restaurant inside the Mirror Lake Inn.

“We toured the vineyards, sampled the products and learned more about the process,” said Welch. “I am sharing that information with staff here, and in turn, we will pass on useful information when a dining room guest is trying to decide on an appropriate pairing.”

Katie also returned with an appreciation for the Italian way of life, which prioritizes how the work day, and life in general, is structured.

“We have too much stuff,” she said, referring to the American way of life. “They are modern but in a different way. They live simply. You can tell they are proud to live there.”

Mirror Lake Inn has been the recipient of the Wine Spectator Award for the past 15 years. It’s efforts like Katie’s that will hopefully garner the 16th and continue to separate this property from the rest.